Welcome to the wonderful world of Tickle Books®!

See Here Studios is an independent publisher and creator of delightful interactive children’s books – Tickle Books®. With extensive backgrounds in children’s book writing, illustration, animation, music and educational software, the Studio’s mission is to create the highest quality digital book experiences for children. Our over-arching goal is to help promote a lifelong love of reading and creativity.

Our Tickle Books are characterized by their intriguing stories – often involving a surprise twist! – and high-quality art production. Music plays an important role in engaging the young reader’s imagination.

The Studios’ book apps have received accolades from major media and book reviewers, including The New York Times, CNET, Babble, iPhone Life and Kirkus Reviews. But our most important reviewers are our readers – we love hearing from parents, teachers, caregivers and children.

Here’s some of what others have been saying:

“For readers still unconvinced that the features of the iPad can translate printed children’s books into full-blown multimedia experiences, this one will change your point of view.” – “The Wrong Side of the Bed,” recipient of a starred review for books of remarkable merit by KIrkus Reviews

“There are several qualities that make this book remarkably special. To start, the illustrations, narration, and soundtrack are masterfully created for the iPhone/iPad platform.” – “The Wrong Side of the Bed” review, GiggleApps

“This is a medium length, entertaining and magical (with the 3d glasses) story. We read it together every other night and the wow factor doesn’t fade. Very cool storybook and absolutely wonderful feedback from the developer through their facebook page.” – User review for “The Wrong Side of the Bed”

“This is a great little story. It’s silly and fantastical, and the art is beautiful. My five year old loves it.” – User review for “The Wrong Side of the Bed”

“This was a fantastic book with great illustrations. I love the options of reading on your own or having it read to you. Lots of nice interactivity in it without it becoming a distraction.” – User review for “The Wrong Side of the Bed”

“This is a beautiful book! Very well done and captivating. As a Speech-language Pathologist, it is definitely an app I will be using with my students. I also tried it out with my 12 year old middle-school daughter and she gave it a 2 thumbs up! It’s one of the best I’ve seen- and with almost 400 apps on my iPad, that’s saying a lot. Thanks for making such a wonderful book!” – User review for “The Three Pandas”

“We love this version of Goldilocks.” – User review for “The Three Pandas”

“This app brought magical laughter into my house from my children. They loved the interactive musical tree and how the screen would fill up with snow. Make sure and tilt the iPad to see the snow move just like it is inside a real snow globe! I am so glad that I bought this app for my children! They will enjoy it for many Christmas’ to come.” – User review for “Snow Globes”

“This app just makes me laugh every time I play with it. It is truly adorable and well written. Each cat seems to have it’s own personality and I just love the little mouse who puts his two cents in after the cats are done singing. (My favorite is the little black cat in the basket who purrs.) A great purchase! Thank you!” – User review for “Cat Chorus”