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Listed below are common support questions with solutions. Please send any additional support questions or feedback using the form below.

QUESTION: What do I do if the app crashes or otherwise does not seem to work properly?

ANSWER: Please try resetting your device. To do so, hold down the circular “home” button on the face of the device at the SAME TIME as the small rectangular button on the opposite top edge. A “Slide to Power off” button will appear. Power Off the device completely, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then turn it back on by pressing the rectangular button on the top edge again. The Apple symbol will appear, and then the device will turn on. This will clear the memory, and will very likely resolve the problem with the app.

QUESTION: I am using an iPad2. What do I do if the audio does not play in the app?

ANSWER: With the iPad2, there is a hardware bug in which the Mute button may be turned on inadvertently. To fix this Mute button ON issue, please try the following:
Go to Settings -> General -> Use Side Switch to -> set to Mute

Then, toggle the side switch button (small plastic button next to volume control) to the right. A red dot will show on the button. The mute symbol (headphone with a slash through it) will appear briefly.

Next, toggle the side switch button to the left. There should be no red dot visible on the button, and the volume control should briefly appear showing the audio level. Make sure the audio level is turned up using the volume control button. Mute has been toggled OFF. The audio in the app should work normally now.

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