A Free Music Album for Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day 2012 – a complimentary album of peaceful piano music to delight Mothers and all music-lovers. A mixture of jazz and classical influences, the album “Meridians” takes listeners on a dreamy and healing journey. Please feel free to download the album below – and enjoy!

MERIDIANS by Valerie Mih

CLICK HERE to download the full album (zip file)


Download individual songs by clicking on the song titles below:

NOTE – To download the files to a PC, right-click each song name below and “Save As” to your computer. To download the files to a Mac: control-click each song name below and “Download Linked File As” to your computer.

01 Meridians
02 Flow
03 Little One
04 Interwoven
05 Reflections
06 Saturn’s Rings
07 Sacred Sound
08 Autumn
09 Circular Dreaming

“The debut CD from pianist Valerie Mih will almost surely earn her recognition as one of the rising stars of contemporary piano music. In a genre marked by many albums that, while artistically worthy, start to all sound somewhat the same, hers is a unique ‘voice,’ not just for the occasional inclusion of the nontraditional accordion, but also for her unconventional yet accessible way with melodies. Mih’s technique is masterful, rich with nuance and delicate shading regardless of a song’s tempo. Even when the music is fast-paced, it is colored with sepia-toned texture, making this a particularly emotive and fulfilling listening experience.”

- Music Matters Magazine

To read more album reviews, please visit Meridians on CD Baby.
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  1. Veronika says:

    Thank you Valerie.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much, Valerie. <#

  3. Ruth says:

    Val, thanks so much, and congrats on your first-time mommy’s day! And I love what you and Wallace are doing! Keep putting it out there!

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