“The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH!” and “The Three Pandas” Wallpapers (for iPad & iPhone and other screen devices)

CLICK on the images below to access the full-size wallpaper images, then click-drag the large image to your desktop to copy them.

NEXT, add the Wallpapers to your Photos Library in iPhoto or iTunes and sync to your device. Then select the photo image on the device and set as Wallpaper. These Wallpapers look very cute on phone, tablet and computer screens!

Tortoise Wallpaper

Hare Wallpaper

Owl Wallpaper

Tortoise Yoga Wallpaper

Tortoise Yoga Poses Wallpaper

Little Mott Paper Cutout – print out your own copy of Little Mott! Click on the picture below to access the full resolution image, then click-drag the image to your desktop to copy it. Print, cutout and hang him from the ceiling!