Opera Cats

A Musical Activity App for Kids

Three virtuoso Opera Cats take to the stage to perform YOUR music! Opera will never be the same! Diva Pursia Maria is joined by baritone Sergio Felinio and prima donna tenor Antonio Galito at the world famous La Scala Opera Cat House.

Unlike their opera singing peers (Freni, Bartoli, Caruso, Pavarotti, etc.), these Opera Cats can sustain notes for as long as you touch and hold them! You can even shatter a glass holding the right note!

Create operatic dramas, three-way love triangles or just plain hissing – just like in real life!

The show is nearly sold out so buy your ticket now, for cat’s sake…

• Record, save and email your Opera Cat arias
• Tap or sweep to make the cats sing
• Touch and hold a note for as long as you want.
• Can you make the glass shatter?
• Play multiple notes at once
• In Learning Mode, a spotlight appears to show you where to touch
• Note display can be turned on and off
• Highly responsive, professional quality animation and sounds
• Easy-to-use interface
• Play with iPod music in the background
• Most talented Opera Cats in the world

Opera Cats includes the following built-in songs and free updates:
- Joy To The World
- Beethoven’s Ode To Joy
- Deck The Halls
- Silent Night
- Cat-Tata by Bach
- Opera Cat-astrophy
- Operatic Chords