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What happens AFTER the Tortoise and the Hare’s famous race? Written and illustrated by Wallace E. Keller, the creator of the best-selling children’s book app “The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D,” REMATCH begins with a retelling of the classic fable and adds a hilarious new continuation to the story.

While the Tortoise has become quite famous after winning the race, the Hare is left with a badly bruised ego. Seeking advice from the wise old Owl – “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – Hare realizes what he needs to do … he challenges Tortoise to – a rematch!

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• 34 richly illustrated storybook pages

• A witty, comical and thought-provoking story

• Over 90 interactive touch spots – tickle the characters to see them react!

• Animated mini-movies, an original musical score and humorous sound effects provide a dynamic multimedia reading experience

• Audio options to “Read to Me” (narration read by the author) or “Read Myself”

• Includes Auto-play feature for automatic page turning

• Written for ages 4 and up!

The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH! incorporates the signature high-quality production elements that made Keller’s first children’s book app, The Wrong Side of the Bed, a top 10 ranking iPad paid book app and a standout digital book according to Kirkus Reviews: “For readers still unconvinced that the features of the iPad can translate printed children’s books into full-blown multimedia experiences, this one will change your point of view.”

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While maintaining the high standards of story and illustration established by the print industry, The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH! storybook app goes far beyond a printed children’s book with animated movie introductions for key book pages, touch animations that show character reactions, a musical score supporting each page of the story and professional narration by the author.

These additional digital book elements are carefully selected and crafted to enhance rather than distract from the storytelling experience. They reflect the publisher’s recognition of the educational value of narrative storytelling in children’s books, as well as the company’s commitment to providing a reading-based alternative to games.

Author/illustrator Wallace E. Keller has illustrated children’s books for Scholastic, Harcourt, Rizzoli International, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, his illustrations have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Business Week, Ms. and Psychology Today. His first children’s book app, The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D, received a Kirkus Star and was voted a best children’s book app by Kirkus Reviews, iPhone Life and Babble.

The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH! is part of the Tickle Books® line of touchable animated children’s books from See Here Studios, combining the quality of traditional printed children’s books with the engaging features of digital media to nurture a life-long love of reading.

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Download for iPad & iPhone

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Kirkus Reviews: The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH for iPad and iPhone

Does slow and steady still win the race? In this extended version of the timeless children’s tale, there’s a hare more to the story…and to the answer.

The story opens with a recap of the familiar tale. In the wake of his humiliation, the Hare seeks counsel from the wise old Owl (depicted as a psychoanalyst, with the Hare on his couch) and decides to challenge the Tortoise again. The Tortoise, an athlete/celebrity in the wake of his victory, fields calls all day and has a throng of fans. He exercises regularly, riding his stationary bike and practicing yoga. So when the Hare calls, wanting a rematch, the Tortoise is happy to oblige. Will the Hare learn to pace himself, as the Owl wisely suggests, or will he push himself too hard and lose again? Although its pace is at times tortoise slow, the 34-page app features 90 interactive elements that add depth and texture. Kids will love hearing the Hare snore under the tree and seeing his eyes pop when he loses to the Tortoise. Parents will grin at the cover of Good Sport magazine. The race action, well supported by character-appropriate music, is in mini-movie format, with continuous action and shadowing. In fact, music is one of the app’s best features, the tempo framing the action of the story, page by page.

Overall, perseverance, patience and good sportsmanship rule the day in this colorful sequel. (iPad storybook app. 4-7)

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The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH! by the iPhone Mom

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Tortoise and the Hare had a rematch? You know, if they raced again? Well, this new storybook app – The Tortoise and the Hare: REMATCH! – shows us one scenario of what could happen if they ever did have a rematch! Does “slow & steady” really win the race? You’ll have to read yourself to find out…

The storybook has beautiful graphics that are very eye-catching and appealing. I loved the narrator’s tone and inflections for the Tortoise and the Hare. The animations help to hold the attention of younger and older readers alike. There are options for auto-play, having the story read to you by the narrator, or reading to yourself – so it works great for readers of all levels. I always like when there is the option to have the narrator read to the younger children, and for the older children to be able to read aloud on their own or with an adult.

I thought that this was a really cute app and a great story. I would recommend this storybook app to those with young children who like to read. I know that my son and I will enjoy reading this book together!

iPad App Reviews – The latest and very best educational iPad App Reviews by Gill Robins

Have you ever wondered what happened after Tortoise and Hare finished their race? How did Hare respond to losing? This inventive story app, written by Wallace E. Keller and produced by See Here Studios, extends the famous Aesop fable by suggesting a rematch. Tortoise has become famous; Hare is in therapy with Owl, finding a way to rebuild his dented ego.

As with The Wrong Side of the Bed, which was written by the same author, colours are vibrant and the narrative is well-paced with a comedic touch which will engage adults and children alike. Through 34 pages, there are more than 90 story-enhancing interactions. Test the characters’ reactions by tickling them and create a chipmunk or frog chorus to accompany their action.

This is a carefully designed multimedia experience with music being one of the many strengths. It has been carefully chosen and composed, at times adopting the Wagnerian technique of attaching a riff to each key character so that you know when they are centre stage. Readers are learning key information about tempo contrasts, with music reinforced through graphics and movement.

Audio options include ‘Read to Me’ or ‘Read Myself’. Selecting autoplay will offer a filmic experience in which image, colour, words, music and sound all effectively combine in a rich learning experience.

This digital story harnesses technology to create a deeper experience than a print book can offer. After reading the app, try some music and movement of your own, creating fast and slow music to match your movements as you act out the story for yourselves. You could even video it and create your own personal Tortoise and Hare digital story.

Age range: 3-8

Educational value: fable genre; musical tempo; imaginative storytelling

Fun rating: 4/5

Educational rating: 4/5


Writer and Illustrator: Wallace E. Keller

Animators: Wallace E. Keller, Adrian Martinez, Valerie Mih and Andrea Senise

Narrator: Wallace E. Keller

Composer and Sound Designer: Valerie Mih

Software Engineer: ZhiYun Qiu

Editing: Parijat Desai, Nancy Lamb

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Listed below are common support questions with solutions. Please email any additional support questions or feedback to We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

QUESTION: What do I do if the app crashes or otherwise does not seem to work properly?

ANSWER: Please try resetting your device. To do so, hold down the circular “home” button on the face of the device at the SAME TIME as the small rectangular button on the opposite top edge. A “Slide to Power off” button will appear. Power Off the device completely, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then turn it back on by pressing the rectangular button on the top edge again. The Apple symbol will appear, and then the device will turn on. This will clear the memory, and will very likely resolve the problem with the app.

QUESTION: I am using an iPad2. What do I do if the audio does not play in the app?

ANSWER: With the iPad2, there is a hardware bug in which the Mute button may be turned on inadvertently. To fix this Mute button ON issue, please try the following: Go to Settings -> General -> Use Side Switch to -> set to Mute

Then, toggle the side switch button (small plastic button next to volume control) to the right. A red dot will show on the button. The mute symbol (headphone with a slash through it) will appear briefly.

Next, toggle the side switch button to the left. There should be no red dot visible on the button, and the volume control should briefly appear showing the audio level. Make sure the audio level is turned up using the volume control button. Mute has been toggled OFF. The audio in the app should work normally now.

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