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Snow Globes in 2D & 3D for the iPad

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This enchanting holiday activity book combines humorous animation with physics-based snow simulations to create a magical storytime experience.

Take a whimsical journey from New York City to Santa’s North Pole as you explore fun-filled holiday snow globes, each with touchable animated surprises sure to delight children and adults. Featuring fully interactive snow – tilt the iPad to make the snowflakes swirl around the screen!

The iPhone Mom says, “The app can be experienced in 3D (with glasses) or in 2D. Either way it’s an amazing looking experience.”

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Please note that red/cyan 3D glasses are needed for viewing the stereoscopic 3D version. 3D glasses from the movie theater will not work, since they use a different technology incompatible with the iPad’s screen. Red/cyan 3D glasses can be easily purchased via a link in the app, through or at most comic book stores.

“This app brought magical laughter into my house from my children. They loved the interactive musical tree and how the screen would fill up with snow. Make sure and tilt the iPad to see the snow move just like it is inside a real snow globe! I am so glad that I bought this app for my children! They will enjoy it for many Christmas’ to come.” – User Review

Snow Globes 3D! tells an open-ended story through gorgeous illustrated vignettes and accompanying text pages that guide readers from scene to scene.

❄ Visit New York City’s giant Christmas tree, and make the tree light up!

❊ Search for animals hidden in a snow-covered forest.

❄ Play with a family made out of snow, including a pet snow cat.

❄ NEW! Make a quartet of festive birds twitter and sing.

❊ Explore a beautifully decorated gingerbread house.

❄ Visit Santa and his elves while they load a sleigh with presents.

❊ Fly through the air with Santa and his reindeer, delivering presents along the way.

❄ Option to turn the narration and musical score on or off (“Read to Me” or “Read Myself”).

❊ Turn on auto-play for automatic page turning.

The book is viewable in either standard 2D or stereoscopic 3D (with red-cyan 3D glasses) for a truly unique and immersive experience. Inexpensive 3D glasses can easily be ordered through the app.

This is a native iPad app, designed specifically for the iPad screen.

The developers at See Here Studios drew upon their extensive background in animation production to produce this richly visualized interactive storybook. Award-winning director Valerie Mih has crafted animation for feature films, public television and interactive learning software for over fifteen years.

Part of the Tickle Books line of interactive iPad children’s books from See Here Studios.

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“Snow Globes 3D” can be viewed in stereoscopic 3D with red/cyan 3D glasses. Inexpensive red/cyan 3D glasses can be purchased at your local comic book store, or easily ordered on-line at one of the links below.

Please note: 3D glasses from the movie theater utilize a different 3D technology, and will not work properly with the iPad screen.


Crazy Mike’s Apps: Amazing 3D iPad App, Snow Globes 3D! Review

A cool iPad app for kids this Christmas is “Snow Globes! 3D & 2D Interactive Storybook” developed by See Here Studios and book content written by Valerie Mih. As far as iPad app reviews go this was one of my more enjoyable. This iPad app is a book about holiday festivities featuring different snow globes as part of the story. This iPad book can be viewed in 3D, which was awesome or 2D (user choice). Either way the snow globes are interactive allowing readers to discover fun actions inside each globe. Moving ginger bread men, Christmas tree lightings, snow to shake are all part of the fun in this holiday iPad book app.

4.5 stars out of 5

Appdictions: Snow Globes 3D App Review

There are only a couple of things that represent winter and the holiday season. Snow Globes are one of those things that remind us each and every day. Now with Snow Globes 3D, take a journey from New York City to Santa’s North Pole. Explore fun-filled holiday snow globes, each with touchable animation. You and your family will experience a storybook that combines humorous animation with physics-based snow simulations to create a magical story time experience. Snow Globes is truly a great app to share with your family this holiday season!!

4 stars out of 5

The iPhone Mom: Snow Globes for the iPad

Snow Globes 3D! – Snow Globes 3D! is a Christmas app for the iPad from the developers of The Wrong Side of the Bed. The app can be experienced in 3D (with glasses) or in 2D. Either way it’s an amazing looking experience. The app has a simple storyline that guides you from one snow globe to the next. It has a question about each globe that you and your child could answer together. Your child can tap on the snow globes to discover surprises or simply watch the snow fall.

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Author, Art Director, Music and Sound Design

Valerie Mih

Animation and 3D Design

Andrea Senise

Production Artists

Stephen Nosse

Callahan, Clifford Deputy, FastSlowFast, Anja Kaiser, Karika, Lacabetyar, Paprika, Oksana, VV

Software Engineer

Zhi Yun Qi


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