The Three Pandas

The Three Pandas for iPad and iPhone

Experience “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” like you’ve never seen before – with three adorable panda bears!

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“The Three Pandas” transports readers to the bamboo forest and the home of three adorable panda bears. It is a gorgeously animated interactive storybook that features cinematic film intros for key story moments and touchable characters on every page. An original orchestral score, narration and musical sound effects further enrich the reading experience. And, the book can be read in both English and Chinese!

A variety of creative techniques were used to bring “The Three Pandas” to life, including traditional illustration, photo collage, motion graphics and pixilation – a unique animation method of stop-motion filming live actors. The score and music-based sound effects were inspired by the use of instruments to represent different characters in Sergei Prokofiev’s children’s symphony “Peter and the Wolf.”

The Three Pandas features include:

– Select English or Chinese language text and narration

– Choose “Read to Me” for full narration or “Read Myself” to exclude narration

– Turn on Auto-Play for automatic page turning

– Learn more about pandas through an educational page and links within the app

– Record your own voiceover by tapping the microphone icon on book pages

– Over 60 touch animations in 30 lushly illustrated storybook pages

– Animated film-like scenes immerse readers in the bamboo forest

– Full orchestral score and musical sound effects

Author/illustrator/composer Valerie Mih is an award-winning animator who has designed animation for feature films, broadcast television, gaming software and independent productions over the last fifteen years. For a full list of production credits, please click on the “Credits” tab.


Kirkus Reviews: The Three Pandas for iPad and iPhone

A modern take on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” features a charming style of animation and a lovable family of pandas.

The Panda Family takes a break from its breakfast of bamboo leaf porridge to take a walk in the bamboo forest. While they’re gone, a young girl named Mei Mei walks through the familiar home-intrusion routine that most children will recognize. She finds Baby Panda’s porridge to her liking, deems his chair most comfortable (but not before breaking it) and ends up in his cozy bed. What could have been a lazy retread with pandas and a distinct Chinese influence is instead made fresh with the app’s animations, which combine photo collages, a live-action actress portraying Mei Mei (in a red dress and black Mary Janes) and movement for the pandas when the reader “tickles” each of them, as the app advises. The app can be experienced in English and Chinese (in both the text and optional narration), and a portion of the proceeds from each app sale goes to Pandas International, which has partnered with the publisher. (iPad storybook app. 2-7)

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We had a meltdown at our house this morning and I needed to put together my review of The Three Pandas Animated Storybook. It was my six year old to the rescue when I asked him to please spend some time with the app and be prepared to tell me what he liked/didn’t like about it once I’d sorted out the crisis. I came downstairs to find him fully engaged in the story and eager to tell me what he thought.

A quick overview before we get to Mr. O’s thoughts. The Three Panda’s is a retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The book can be read in either English or Chinese and has a soundtrack, narration and sound effects. You can even record your own narration. If you tap on the pandas they’ll move on the screen. A portion of the app proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization Pandas International.

Here’s what Mr. O liked about The The Three Pandas:

– I like that the beds get messed up instead of broken.

– It’s fun that instead of bears they are pandas and instead of Goldilocks it is a girl from China.

– I like how Mei Mei and the Three Pandas sent each other letters at the end of the story.

– I like how the beds, furniture, pillow, food and everything look like they come from China.

– Instead of drawings and cartoons there are real pictures that are put together to make the story’s pictures. I like this.

Here is what he didn’t like: Nothing!

This is a universal app designed for both the iPhone and the iPad.

– from the iPhone Mom. Click here to view original post.

This is a delightful interpretation of Goldilocks and The Three Bears – featuring a cute little Chinese girl named Mei Mei. In The Three Pandas, Mei Mei takes a tour of the pandas home, just like the familiar story of Goldilocks. However, in this version, Mei Mei has the manners to send an apology after running off into the forest. The pandas respond by inviting her over to fix the chair and share a meal. I really liked this twist.

The book itself is innovative in digital form, combining animated photos of the pandas, Mei Mei and their surroundings along with computer generated graphics – like the enchanting scenes of the bamboo forest. The music is also beautifully done, enhancing the story with just the right note of emotion… – 4.5 Stars out of 5, Digital Storytime. Click Here to read entire review.

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See Here Studios pushed the envelope for iPad children’s books with it’s groundbreaking 3D picture book, “The Wrong Side of the Bed”–that’s right, 3D glasses give you a new perspective of a children’s book on an iPad! Now, See Here Studios has melded appealing character animation, touch interaction and music into a delightful reading experience in “The Three Pandas,” viewable in both English and Chinese. – Lori Calabrese, Children’s Books Examiner, Click Here to read full review.


“The Three Pandas” Wallpapers (for iPad & iPhone and other screen devices) – Click on the images below to access the full-size wallpaper images, then click-drag them to your desktop to copy them. Add to your Photos Library in iPhoto or iTunes and sync to your device. Then select the photo image on the device and set as Wallpaper. These wallpapers look very cute on phone and tablet screens!


Writer, Illustrator, Animation Director and Composer: Valerie Mih

Mei Mei Actress: Jenna Fan

Lead Animator and Designer: Andrea Senise

Animators: Adrian Martinez, Valerie Mih

Chinese Language Narrator: Xinrong Searcy

English Language Narrator: Valerie Mih

Chinese Translation: Walter C. Mih, Xinrong Searcy

Chinese Language Layout Artist: Giap Waye Goh

Software Engineer: ZhiYun Qiu

Sound Analysis: Giap Waye Goh, Stephen Nosse

Editing: Parijat Desai, Nancy Lamb

Photos: Hagit Berkovich, dzain, Adam Gryko, Joi, kapalua1, Kitch Bain, oliveheartkimchi, UNC-CFC-USFK, xiaoma

Sound Effects: Wallace E. Keller, Mike Koenig, Valerie Mih

Pandas International: Suzanne Braden, Andrea Muller, Tobi Gamble

Website Design: Derrick Stembridge

Special Thanks: Elaine Chu, Elliot Fan


Listed below are common support questions with solutions. Please email any additional support questions or feedback to We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

QUESTION: What do I do if the app crashes or otherwise does not seem to work properly?

ANSWER: Please try resetting your device. To do so, hold down the circular “home” button on the face of the device at the SAME TIME as the small rectangular button on the opposite top edge. A “Slide to Power off” button will appear. Power Off the device completely, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then turn it back on by pressing the rectangular button on the top edge again. The Apple symbol will appear, and then the device will turn on. This will clear the memory, and will very likely resolve the problem with the app.

QUESTION: I am using an iPad2. What do I do if the audio does not play in the app?

ANSWER: With the iPad2, there is a hardware bug in which the Mute button may be turned on inadvertently. To fix this Mute button ON issue, please try the following: Go to Settings -> General -> Use Side Switch to -> set to Mute

Then, toggle the side switch button (small plastic button next to volume control) to the right. A red dot will show on the button. The mute symbol (headphone with a slash through it) will appear briefly.

Next, toggle the side switch button to the left. There should be no red dot visible on the button, and the volume control should briefly appear showing the audio level. Make sure the audio level is turned up using the volume control button. Mute has been toggled OFF. The audio in the app should work normally now.

Please email any additional support questions or feedback to We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!