The Wrong Side of the Bed

The Wrong Side of the Bed in 3D! for iPad and iPhone

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Selected as a Top 10 Storybook App by Kirkus Reviews, and iPhoneLife – now available for Nook and Android tablets!

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What happens when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? You see the world in a different light or, in little Mott Turner’s case, from the ceiling! Imagine how kids can identify with little Mott, who wakes confused and irritable one morning, only to find himself in one upside-down misadventure after another, until finally he is right side up and once again, level-headed.

The moral of the story: It helps to be in the right frame of mind before you get out of bed!


– Viewable in both 2D and 3D. The 2D book can be turned “upside down” for a funny new perspective. Kids love seeing little Mott on the ceiling!

– Interactive touch spots! Tickle Mott on each page to bring him to life.

– Includes audio options for “read to me” (read by the author) or “read myself” when parents and children would like to read at their own pace.

– Animation, music and sound effects provide a rich multimedia reading experience.

– Includes Auto-play feature for automatic page turning.

– Easily order inexpensive 3D glasses from within the app.

Please note that red/cyan 3D glasses are needed for viewing the stereoscopic 3D version. 3D glasses from the movie theater will not work, since they use a different technology incompatible with the iPad’s screen. Red/cyan 3D glasses can be easily purchased via a link in the app or at most comic book stores.

Author/illustrator Wallace E. Keller has illustrated children’s books for Scholastic, Harcourt, Rizzoli International, McGraw-Hill and Houghton Mifflin. A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, his illustrations have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, Business Week, Ms. and Psychology Today. The original hand-painted artwork was converted to 3D by Ray Zone, a leading authority on 3D art, in a detailed hand-crafted process.

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“The Wrong Side of the Bed” can be viewed in stereoscopic 3D with red/cyan 3D glasses. Inexpensive red/cyan 3D glasses can be purchased at your local comic book store, or easily ordered on-line at one of the links below.

Please note: 3D glasses from the movie theater utilize a different 3D technology, and will not work properly with the tablet screen.


Kirkus Reviews: The Wrong Side of the Bed for iPad & iPhone

For readers still unconvinced that the features of the iPad can translate printed children’s books into full-blown multimedia experiences, this one will change your point of view.

Based on Keller’s 1992 book, the app tells the story of Mott, a young boy who wakes up on the wrong side of his bed. Not the left or right side, but the underside. The world has turned upside-down (or perhaps it’s just Mott), and he spends the rest of the day walking on ceilings and, eventually, slipping out of Earth’s gravitational field altogether. The story makes sophisticated concepts of physics and perspective accessible. It cleverly explains the conceit, “If there’s a left side, then there is a right side, and if there is a right side, then there must be a wrong side, right?”

The app can display the tale in 2-D or 3-D, but even in 2-D, Keller’s skewed views of vertigo-inducing bus rides (not to mention breakfast served on the wrong side of the plate) are gorgeously rendered. Unobtrusive instrumental sound effects punctuate the read-along narration, animations are minimal but effective and Mott’s audio reactions can be heard by tapping him. In 3-D, the app soars even higher; the effect works well even with cheap red/cyan glasses…The pages work just as effectively when viewed upside-down, a good reason for repeated readings. (iPad storybook app. 4-10)

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Babble: Top 50 iPhone Apps for Kids

The Wrong Side of the Bed tells the tale of Mott, a little boy who literally wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning. The story follows Mott throughout the day as he experiences life in a new way. The illustrations are tremendously fun and can be viewed in either 2-D or 3-D (you’ll need a pair of 3-D glasses with red/cyan lenses). If you look at the book without the glasses, you can turn the iPhone upside down, and new effects will happen. The Wrong Side of the Bed has appropriate music and sound effects and is a cute story that shows how fun it is to see things from a different perspective. The 3-D option takes the story to an entirely different level and will really give your children a treat!

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Little Mott Paper Cutout – print out your own copy of Little Mott! Click on the picture below to access the full resolution image, then click-drag the image to your desktop to copy it. Print, cutout and hang him from the ceiling!


Author and Illustrator

Wallace E. Keller

Music and Sound Design

Valerie Mih

Animation and 3D Design

Andrea Senise

3D Conversion

Ray Zone

Production Artists

Adrian Martinez

Meng Her

Software Engineers

Zhi Yun Qiu Greenrift Software


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QUESTION: What do I do if the app crashes or otherwise does not seem to work properly?

ANSWER: Please try resetting your device. To do so, hold down the circular “home” button on the face of the device at the SAME TIME as the small rectangular button on the opposite top edge. A “Slide to Power off” button will appear. Power Off the device completely, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then turn it back on by pressing the rectangular button on the top edge again. The Apple symbol will appear, and then the device will turn on. This will clear the memory, and will very likely resolve the problem with the app.

QUESTION: I am using an iPad2. What do I do if the audio does not play in the app?

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Then, toggle the side switch button (small plastic button next to volume control) to the right. A red dot will show on the button. The mute symbol (headphone with a slash through it) will appear briefly.

Next, toggle the side switch button to the left. There should be no red dot visible on the button, and the volume control should briefly appear showing the audio level. Make sure the audio level is turned up using the volume control button. Mute has been toggled OFF. The audio in the app should work normally now.

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